Currently, air shipping has taken its place at the import - export operations, and has a number of advantages over auto, railway or sea transport, among them:

  • Substantial savings in time compared with delivery by other transport. If you have perishable goods, there is no other alternative
  • Often there are situations where you have a small batch of goods under an incomplete vehicle, it is hard to find a machine that collects consolidated cargo, so in this case, air delivery is the right thing!
  • Emergencies that occur if during you did not use the usual route, and the goods need today.
    There are myths that air shipping is expensive, compared to other means of transport, this is partly true, but there are many situations when air cargo delivery has time and monetary advantages.

For example - you buy goods prepaid, take the money in a bank or other financial institutions under a certain percentage. The difference between the time resources for delivery, depending on the selected transport, these are the percentages that you have to pay the credit institutions. In this case, even the delay of payment for the goods does not always guarantee a good bargain, because turnover may be long term, and it turns out that goods are in store , and you already have to pay the full cost.

The customs broker (CB) - LLC "Importprodukt" has structural division in Sheremetyevo airport and offers you the services of customs clearance at this airport. At Sheremetyevo, it is possible to process the goods for which phytosanitary or veterinary control is required.

Address: 141400, Moscow Region,Khimki, a/p Sheremetyevo, Russia

For customs clearance at airports and air-cargo delivery in Sheremetyevo we ask you to contact our staff.