Customs clearance

Welcome by website of the customs broker (CB) - the company LLC "Importprodukt" —for which the customs clearance is labor of love. Over 15 - years of experience, we have processed more than 50,000 means of transport. During our activity we have declared, probably, almost all kinds of goods. The customs clearance is carried out continuously on 14 broker structural divisions working in Moscow(Sheremetyevo, Domodedovo and others), the Moscow region, Bryansk, Smolensk,Pskov and both on posts of the Central excise customs, and on customs posts of the general competence. The wide geography of registration allows our clients to choose the most convenient customs post (in view of logistics preferences and the specificity of cargo). Our separate divisions operate on customs posts.

Before customs clearance of the goods our specialists carry out a review of client’s documents, consult to foreign trade operators on the passage of the customs control and tariff and non-tariff measures of regulation. We are ready to lend assistance in preparation of foreign economic contracts, prepare referral information on the specifics of the import / export of a product, provide statistical / analytical information and help exporters on export VAT refund procedure. Please note that consultations on issues that require studies and time-consuming are to be paid and offer only to legal entities.

Consultations for our clients are free of charge.

We are constantly searching for the best solutions for our clients, so the procedure of customs clearance of your goods is carried so easy with OUR COMPANY.

Co-partnership with us will allow your company:
• save human resources;
• decrease financial costs of foreign trade;
• concentrate on your core tasks


 Our technologies are not doubtful manipulation outside the legal field, and excellent knowledge of the law, the analysis of the ever-changing trends in foreign trade activities, the ability to navigate and find the right solutions tasks.

That is why trust us: